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Ion-3D Full Body Massage Chair

Ion-3D Full Body Massage Chair

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Chair Description

Immerse yourself in unparalleled relaxation with the cutting-edge 3D design of the RELAXONCHAIR ION-3D Massage Chair. Unveiling a revolutionary experience, this chair employs dynamic rollers that skillfully extend further into your back muscles, seamlessly traversing the expansive 50" SL-Track from your neck to your thighs. This distinctive feature produces a mesmerizing 3D effect, as the rollers transcend the confines of stationary motion, adapting dynamically to the contours of your back.

The versatile rollers employ a repertoire of five techniques-kneading, tapping, kneading & tapping, shiatsu, and rolling-to lavish your back with a customized and invigorating massage. Complementing this, the chair integrates 38 strategically positioned airbags across the arms, shoulders, back, thighs, calves, and feet, applying gentle yet effective compression to these targeted areas.

Experience space optimization in your home or office with the chair's ingenious space-saving feature, gracefully sliding forward as you recline into the zero-gravity position. Revel in the comprehensive foot massager, employing rollers and twist-action air massages to alleviate stress in your calves and pamper your feet with foot rollers, toe airbags, and pressure pointers.

Choose from 10 meticulously crafted preset programs that harness the full spectrum of features for an optimal massage experience. Alternatively, orchestrate your personal massage symphony with manual control using the user-friendly remote. Elevating the experience further, the chair introduces lumbar heating therapy and operates with whisper-quiet efficiency, enhancing your massage sessions lasting up to a blissful 30 minutes each.

Available in the elegant Champagne Gray hue, the ION-3D Massage Chair doesn't just promise relaxation-it invites you to indulge and surrender to a profound sense of well-being.




  • NEWLY RELEASED ZERO GRAVITY FULL BODY MASSAGE CHAIR with 3D Massage Technology by RELAXONCHAIR // SPACE SAVER DESIGN needs only 3 inches of clearance from the wall.
  • PATENTED 6 ROLLER BACK MASSAGE MECHANISM with 5 Key massage techniques (Kneading, Tapping, Dual, Shiatsu and Rolling) is used to create more human-like massages.
  • 2ND GEN. SMART BODY SCANNING scans your body from your buttocks to shoulder in order to measure your entire upper body, and determine key areas for massaging.
  • 2ND GEN. ERGONOMICALLY CONTOURED EXTRA LONG L-TRACK SYSTEM (54 Inches) accommodates people as tall as 6' 5".
  • 10 PRESET AUTOMATIC PROGRAMS: 5 Regular & 5 Specialty programs including a Yoga & Stretch program.
  • 38 TOTAL AIR BAG MASSAGE SYSTEM located at the shoulders, arms, thighs, calves and feet.
  • ADJUSTABLE 3D MASSAGE that allows you to control amount of protrusion of massage roller heads with the press of a button.
  • LOWER LUMBAR HEAT THERAPY mainly used for improved blood circulation.
  • TRIPLE FOOT ROLLER with HEEL SHIATSU PRESSURE creates firm, relieving massages for your tired feet.
  • FULL CUSTOMIZATION OF MANUAL SETTINGS comes with 3 levels of back massage speed, width control, air bag intensity control, massage zones, and 2 levels of foot roller speeds.
  • BUILT TO LAST: rated for 320 lbs capacity
  • QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP: From quality of raw material to computerized production line, we back our product 100%
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: This chair carries our exclusive 3 year limited warranty. We back our product 100% with proven track records.



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