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Dr Fuji

ASAHI® Super Massage Chair Pro X-007

ASAHI® Super Massage Chair Pro X-007

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  • Pro X-007 model five-star massage chair, Japan imported upgraded version of stainless steel 3D manipulator, can achieve deep 12cm telescopic, deep touch sore muscles, with a variety of massage techniques, targeted positioning delicate massage to the fascia, relax tight soreness.
  • The use of the United States intelligent T1 chip, according to the massage position rapid combination of different massage techniques, to achieve the massage chair industry leading technology.
  • Dedicated legs and feet Lajin for advanced massaging. Triple dynamic foot and leg massaging unique to the industry, Ecompassed from the ankle up and down 60 degrees flip movement, airbag massage, foot scraping three in one professional leg foot massage, ankle drive the with whole calf movement stretching. Relieve leg fatigue and have our country's patent technology.
  • Lengthened SL rail 127cm, from neck to hip multi-level in-depth massage.
  • Upgraded shoulder neck pinch, waist double airbag, achievement superb icey cool shoulder neck massage experience.
  • Upgraded 12 kinds of automatic procedures 47 sets of manual procedures at your choice.
  • Whole body 76 groups of air bag package massage, inflation and deflation alternately, rhythmic pinch to relax the muscles.
  • Bluetooth music function with body massage, so that the body and mind are more relaxed.
  • Tablet PC smart phone LCD display screen, Android and Apple operating at a glance, armrest independent button, can be blindly operated. 
  • A key forward design, against the wall only need to reserve 8cm acheiving more space.



Model Number: ASAHI® SUPER PRO X-007
Power Supply: 120v 50/60Hz
Rated Power Consumption: 150W
Rated Time of Use: 30 minutes
Serial Number: DR.BOSS-202309230001


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